Ghost stories & Haunted Buildings in marysville california

Since I have spent a lot of time in Marysville Ca. I have heard a lot of stories from many different people regarding Ghosts. These buildings are old and if there really are Ghosts, I'm thinking that this is the place to be.

In the near future we hope to have a lot more stories and even hope to do some Ghost Tours. Stay posted!

What? Ghosts in Historic Downtown Marysville? Seriously?
Well, yes, and according to who you talk to, there seems to be many. In fact, recent conversations with just a few individuals, revealed over ten entities in ten separate buildings on “D” st. alone! That’s pretty amazing but not totally surprising considering the history that accompanies the area.
We will, in future articles, be discussing some of these locations in detail. We’ll be talking with the owners, workers and residents to hear their experiences first hand. We also will be interviewing a few regional “Paranormal Research Organizations” to gather their experiences while in our fine town. You will get the benefit of reading all of these stories right here on these pages! We even are planning some “Ghost Walks” through old downtown, with yours truly, to share some of the locations, stories and history that surround us. Those will be a lot of fun! Yeah, yeah, yeah, Denny‚ĶI don’t know that I even believe in all of this “ghost stuff.” Well that’s ok. I didn’t either until I had my first experience with something that defied explanation. After that, however, there was no shutting me up. By the way, did you know that in a recent poll (World Net Daily and Harris), 84% of the people said they believe in the survival of the soul after death and 51% specifically believe in ghosts. 23% say they have actually seen, or have been in the presence of a ghost. Wow!!!
Whatever you believe, you are welcome to share these stories and even comment back to me about them. I look forward to all of your comments and hearing about your experiences…Denny Frantom



Celebrity ghost stories tv show (Marysville ca.)

Here is a cool video from the show "Celebrity Ghost Stories" My wife was watching it on a Saturday and thought it would be nice to have on the website, so here it is!

It comes in two different sections, Video Part 1 & Video Part 2. In the first video you need to go into it for 2 min. & 20 seconds for the Marysville Ghost Story to start. This story is from Larry Manetti. (Former Actor in "Magnum P.I." I hope you enjoy it as we did!



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